LOSING DATA IS NEVER GOOD! (And how to avoid it.)

Losing data is always a bad news.

For individuals, it is catastrophic to lose thousands of digital memories.

For a company, it may cost millions.  Besides the losses in productivity, time, other resources, and even opportunities, it may also mean losing a customer’s trust and business, which, in some instances we’ve seen, has led to legal action and litigation.

We can lose our data in different ways and for many reasons: hard drive failure, computer viruses, human error, and theft or loss such as a stolen or misplaced laptop or back-up drive.  And many times, even if we do have a backup copy, it is either outdated or, the horror of horrors, the copy isn’t working.

We have encountered organizations buying multiple hard drives to back-up and safeguard against loss.  But aside from the amount of money spent, such practice exposes an organization to an additional number of risks: stolen hard drives may lead to data breach or data leakage, accidents or force majeure may happen and destroy the back-up gadgets.  This method is not foolproof.

We’ve also come across an organization implementing encryption, only to lose the encryption key and making the back-up inaccessible.  Again, another method that isn’t very effective.

Although regular backup is still the best way to protect against data loss, it is key to adopt best practices to maximize one’s chances for safe and secure backup.

For one, IT departments and professionals must automate the backup process to ensure optimum performance.

Second, in our 10 years of experience, we have seen that adopting a cloud-based strategy for back-up is best.  Combined with encryption, deduplication, and bandwidth throttling, backing up with cloud technology ensures the least effort with maximum security.  Plus, an organization can focus on productive work while the data automatically secures its data.

In our quest to continually offer our clients the best, Trionyx continue to seek partners and solutions that protects companies from data loss and data breaches with simplified and scalable hybrid cloud endpoint backup, archiving, and insights.  We can provide a secure and auditable access to enterprise data on critical devices, anytime, anywhere.

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