Data Recovery under the New Normal

Data recovery under the new normal

We are slowly resuming our operation to provide data recovery service to customers. But it’s still not Business as Usual. We are implementing a No Visitor policy for now. We will be open from 9am to 2pm, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (MWF). We cannot accept visitors for now, so its better that we discuss […]

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Your data our mission

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Since we started 15 years ago, we have helped thousand of customers with their data. We continue to acquired tools and equipment to improve our service. We continue to develop techniques to better our chances of recovery. We expanded our service to include education and protection. Because data loss prevention is better than the cure. […]

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When Data is Lost

Data loss is real. It is a phenomena that has baffled a lot of IT Experts through the years. In spite of advances in technology and manufacturing, hard drives still crash, SSD’s (solid state drive) don’t mount, and data becomes inaccessible.

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